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Trotro Tractor

In Ghana, agriculture is the country’s most important economic sector and the largest employer. Innovation in this sector is therefore vital to Ghana’s future growth. TROTRO Tractor Limited is a powerful on-demand platform that connects farmers to nearby tractor operators. Farmers and tractor operators in Ghana to enhance productivity and improve incomes.

Our impact in Ghana


The Ghanaian poultry industry is valued at $250 million representing 5.6% of Ghana’s total GDP (2016), however according to MOFA, Ghana’s poultry production was only able to meet 20% of overall demand, representing $50 million, with a production deficit of 80% in 2016.

Our impact in Ghana


Agriculture is a $3 trillion global industry, and the main source of employment in many communities around the world, including Ghana. However, in Ghana, many farmers lack the tools they need to prosper. Innovation in this sector is vital to Ghana’s future growth.

Our impact in Ghana